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Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland resort hotels has launched a digital marketing campaign “Magical Adventure” for family tourism from China during Chinese New Year to cater for the interest of family guests together with innovative learning experience. By leveraging AR technology, Baidu Brand Zone showcased the magical power of Disneyland and increased the appeal to the tourists.


The brand-new AR ad format in Brand Zone bumped up the curiosity of audiences and successfully increased the traffic of Hong Kong Disneyland. The promotion campaign was highly interactive and entertaining with the use of AR technology. The sitelink extension in Brand Zone navigated users to the booking pages on Disneyland website and gratified tourist shopping experience.



Click rate
Significant traffics were driven from Guangdong, Beijing and Eastern China. AR Brand Zone ad format successfully drove impressions from the above-mentioned regions into real footpath to Hong Kong Disneyland, drawing Chinese tourists attention to increase organic search of Hong Kong Disneyland related keywords on Baidu search engine.