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Shangri-La Group

Large population is the driving force of ever-growing tourism in China. Tourism industry grows by leaps and bounds with the improving living standard of Chinese people. High income population is craving for quality inbound and outbound travel. Shangri-La Group would like to ride on the trend to build brand awareness and explore business opportunities with digital marketing solutions.


In order to strengthen the brand awareness of Shangri-La Group in China, always-on SEM campaign was implemented to reach audiences who are interested in tourism and hospitality services by initiating related organic search request. Optimization was carried out throughout the campaign period to ensure high cost efficiency was achieved and real time adjustment could be made on the bidding strategy and responding to the market with correct creative and keywords.



Advertising cost


Click-through rate
With the interim evaluation of the always on SEM campaign, the advertising budget was further reduced and achieved a higher click-through rate. The precise audience targeting and highly relevant ad copy attained the high campaign efficiency in reaching target audiences.