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January 23, 2024

In recent years, the Chinese luxury goods consumption market has shown strong growth. The 18-44 age group has become the main force in luxury consumption, with Gen Z gradually becoming the most potential consumer group for luxury goods. According to statistics, 60% of the people clicking on Gucci advertisements belong to the Gen Z. Against this backdrop, Gucci wants to seize the opportunity of the Qixi Festival to bring a special Qixi collection to young Chinese consumers. Gucci hopes to break through the traditional advertising targeting and single advertising format, accurately capture the young target audience, strengthen the interaction between young consumers and the brand, and help convert campaign traffic.


  • By leveraging the advantages of the Baidu platform and utilizing Baidu's AI big data capabilities, Gucci can intelligently target potential customers, improve advertising efficiency, optimize audience profiles, expand the audience base, and broaden the targeted audience. Through the Baidu’s Customer Data Platform (百度观星盘系统) and AI data accumulation capabilities, Gucci can retarget individuals who clicked on search ads, infeed ads, and display ads during the Qixi campaign period, and show them splash ads again to reinforce brand awareness and increase sales opportunities.

  • Through Baidu's Brand Zone MAX, which is displayed in full screen, Gucci's Qixi special collection is showcased comprehensively, creating more traffic entry points and building a panoramic brand presence for Gucci. The innovative hollowed-out style of the infeed ad attracts consumers to interact with the brand advertisements in a unique way, increasing clicks and visits to the official website.



Increase in click-through rate


Million impressions
During the 2020 Qixi Festival, with the assistance of Baidu AI, Gucci achieved a 50% increase in new customer rate on its official website and a 120% increase in click-through rate. Gucci received over 190 million impressions, a 25% growth compared to the previous year’s Qixi Festival. With the help of the Baidu CDP, Gucci’s brand interaction rate increased by 40%, and the Gucci Qixi special collection became a popular hit of that season.