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January 23, 2024

BUICK is undergoing a product transformation. They aim to improve the reputation of their products and boost sales of the BUICK Enclave S.


BUICK leveraged Baidu Maps' data to create a marketing campaign that resonates with users. It includes social tags based on user behavior, matching customized routes, and utilizing Baidu Maps' VR panoramic function for an immersive user experience. 

Exploring the Past Year's Journeys

Step 1: Review various travel records with four data pages: Footprint Inventory, Track Inventory, City Inventory, and Extreme Inventory.


Step 2: Personalized labels based on big data concentration spark discussions and showcase individual travel summaries.


Step 3: Share personalized labels, engage in games with friends, and participate in lucky draws in the points mall.

Baidu Maps Game: 

Step 1: Personalized Themes: Users can choose from 5 personalized theme routes.

Step 2: Featured Routes: 5 routes with KOL test drives showcasing Enclave S.

Step 3: 360° Panoramic VR Views: Explore 25 routes with Baidu Maps' VR panoramic views.


Step 4: Book a Test Drive: Users can book a test drive and navigate to nearby BUICK dealerships.

High Exposure: Promote the campaign through Baidu Maps, Xiaodu voice commands, and Carlife.



Million impressions


Million total users
The Baidu Maps campaign achieved 400 million impressions and had a total participation of 6.58 million users. The overall operation and traffic resources of the bill generated 160 million PVs, Baidu app and Baidu Maps splash screens generated 39 million impressions, Carlife resources generated 3 million impressions, and the frequency of Enclave S-related keywords increased by 97%.