In recent years, the Chinese luxury goods consumption market has shown strong growth. The 18-44 age group has become the main force in luxury consumption, with Gen Z gradually becoming the most potential consumer group for luxury goods. According to statistics, 60% of the people clicking on Gucci advertisements belong to the Gen Z. Against this backdrop, Gucci wants to seize the opportunity of the Qixi Festival to bring a special Qixi collection to young Chinese consumers.

Gucci hopes to break through the traditional advertising targeting and single advertising format, accurately capture the young target audience, strengthen the interaction between young consumers and the brand, and help convert campaign traffic.


IKEA, a globally recognized furniture and home retail brand, aims to capitalize on the peak season for home renovations and the opening of new stores in Nanning and Kunming. Through advertising on the high-traffic platform of Baidu, IKEA aims to attract customers to visit their stores or purchase home decor products online, boosting foot traffic and online sales to achieve a successful retail strategy both online and offline.


BUICK is undergoing a product transformation. They aim to improve the reputation of their products and boost sales of the BUICK Enclave S.