Retail Tech Summit London 2018

Our Associate Sales Director Mabel Lam spoke to an excited crowd of around 100 marketing professionals at the Retail Tech Summit London 2018 about the latest China digital trends and the invaluable tips on how to successfully leverage Baidu advertising solutions to grow their businesses in China.

HKTDC Small Orders (Chinese Mainland) Seminar

Our Associate Sales Director Leone Lau spent a fruitful afternoon today at the Small Orders (Chinese Mainland) Seminar hosted by HKTDC, sharing on how Baidu can help marketers to reach the targeted audience group across 730+ million Chinese Internet users and achieve higher marketing ROI.

Retail Asia Expo 2017: Technology in Retail

Our General Manager Frankie Ho spoke at the Technology in Retail theatre hosted by Retail Asia Expo 2017 on the latest trends and way forward for mobile advertising with a focus on China – highlighting the key players, challenges and success case studies therein to show how marketers can win big via the adoption of mobile approach in this complex and rapidly evolving market.

HKRMA Retail Conference 2016

Frankie Ho, our General Manager, shared insights together with other speakers and panelists at Retail Conference 2016 hosted by HKRMA, into how local brands can tap into China’s lucrative market as well as what new opportunities and challenges are being faced. Panelists then further discussed about the trends, campaign insight and tactics that can give marketers the edge on mobile in China.

Baidu Travel Industry Insights 2015

“Baidu Travel Industry Insights 2015” presented by Baidu was succesfully held on September 18 at Excelsior Hong Kong. This invitation-only event brings together the industry practitioners from travel, retail and luxury markets in the region to share insights and best practices in their territories. Speakers from Baidu provided advertisers with an overall introduction to Baidu total solution and further emphasize on how they should take a more holistic approach to their digital marketing in order to reach and engage with Chinese audiences.

Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2015 in Singapore

Nearly 300 marketers were around Singapore to attend the Travel Distribution Summit Asia 2015 held on May 20 -21, one of the largest exhibtion and conferences in global travel industry. Rex Tan, Head of Account Management in Singapore shared his knowledge and expertise in reaching and engaging Chinese audiences, as well as maximizing online campaign performance in China market.

Travel Distribution Summit Europe 2015 in London

We have extended our global reach to savvy marketers at one of the biggest events in travel industry, which was held in London on May 6-7, 2015. Frankie Ho, our General Manager, was given the opportunity to join one of the panel discussions to share his knowledge in reaching the targeted Chinese netizens / travelers and optimizing online campaign performance in China.

iFX Expo Asia 2015 in Hong Kong

iFX Expo Asia 2015, one of the largest financial conferences and exhibitions in Asia, provided us with the opportunity to meet thousands of industry elites and share insights of our digital expertise and local knowledge in exploring the enormous China online market. Frankie Ho, General Manager of China Search, shared the stories about localizing customer experiences in China and integrating Baidu ad products into digital marketing strategy.

Global Online Marketing Conference & Expo 2014

Global Online Marketing Conference & Expo (GOMX) is one of the largest professionals-only digital marketing industry events held in China. This year at GOMX Taiwan 2014, Frankie Ho, General Manager of China Search, was invited with the opportunity to share his views on big data spectrum and the emerging trends of China digital marketing. The event provided marketers with insights and best practices from leading industry experts on the strategies to succeed in the evolving China market.