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Why Baidu

Diversified product portfolios

Provide a wide variety of advertising products and resources that suits all users under all circumstances.

Discover your perfect audience with AI technology

Implementation of AI capabilities across Baidu products and services for cost efficiency.

Precise targeting to reach your potential audiences

Over 2M different profile segment can be used through its AI, Big Data and cloud computing technologies.

Qing Duo

AIGC Marketing Empowers Quality and Efficiency Improvement

Bringing together Baidu’s brand-new AI technology, providing precise, innovative, and captivating multimodal advertising content.

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Copywriting for

Supports various types of advertising scenarios

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Creative Design of
Advertisement Images

Generate high-quality images with a single click

Qing Ge

The World’s First AI Native Marketing Platform Meeting Diverse Marketing Needs

By inputting prompts into this direct generative advertising engine, businesses can effectively convey their marketing strategies, communicate brand messages, and reach their desired target audience.

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Baidu Products

Baidu has the largest information-centric and knowledge-centric mobile ecosystem in China, covering Chinese users’ consumption behaviours and lifestyle effectively which is vital to maximize your conversions and advertising effectiveness in Digital China.
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Case Studies

Hilton Hotels

As Hilton Hotels celebrates its 100th anniversary, it is a milestone brand event coinciding with the peak travel season. Through Baidu's integrated marketing channels, Hilton aims to showcase its century-old brand's high-end quality and warm hospitality to the public.

Case Studies

Shangri-La Group

Large population is the driving force of ever-growing tourism in China. Tourism industry grows by leaps and bounds with the improving living standard of Chinese people. High income population is craving for quality inbound and outbound travel.

Case Studies

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland resort hotels has launched a digital marketing campaign “Magical Adventure” for family tourism from China during Chinese New Year to cater for the interest of family guests together with innovative learning experience.

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